No projects support the ‘serve’ target

As angular developers, we might have faced some or the other issues related to the project set up. Sometimes, when you clone an angular project and do the nmp install and after that when you do ng serve, an error message may come “No projects support the ‘serve’ target.” What to do in this situation? How to resolve the issue and make the application running.

The following screen shot show what error message you will get when you run ‘ng serve’

How to solve the issue

Usually this happens in Windows 10 operating system. When you get this kind of error, how to solve it?

The following steps shows how to solve it .

First, you need to make sure that the angular cli is installed. Open cmd and type ng –version. You will get the following result in the cmd window.

The next is step is to go to the path


copy the path from your system and follow these steps

> Windows Start > Settings > Search for Advanced System settings.

When you click on the View Advanced System Settings, System Properties window opens

Click on the Environment Variables button. Then Environment Variables window opens. Double click on the ‘Path’ variable . Edit Environment Variable window opens. Click on ‘New’.

When you click on new, the cursor will be showing in the last line. Enter the angular cli path in your system. Click on and close all the windows related to the environment variables. Now go to the project folder and run ‘ng serve’. Now you can see the application start running.

Hope this was helpful for you!!

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